The Center for Writing and Communication

BIZHUB - Opening  Spring 2015

Office space, equipment, library, and professional support for individuals with disabilities who are business owners, business start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

Write Business Advantage

Communication and writing skills are essential regardless of your vocation, length of time with your company or in your career, or position. Refresh the basics, fine-tune the skills, build expertise with Write Business Advantage workshops. Get weekly tips with our online TIPS.

The Center for Writing and Communication

501(c)3       EIN: 26-0732518

Our programs provide enrichment for those currently employed, people re-entering the workforce from voluntary or involuntary displacement, those re-entering the workforce form the corrections system, and individuals with disabilities. 

Written communications are a reflection of employees and their abilities. People are judged by the way they write. Management, co-workers, customers, and others will form impressions on how skilled and knowledgeable employees are from the way they communicate in writing.

  • Business Reading and Vocabulary
  • Business Grammar and Writing
  • Business Writing Basics for Professionals
  • Email Etiquette
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Business Proposals and Plans
  • Resumes, Cover Letters; Job Readiness
  • Public Relations Writing
  • SWOT Analysis

Writing and Communication

Skills Training Topics -